The best Garmin bicycle riding GPS watch (updated in 2021)


Garmin monopolizes the smart watch market for running watches, but there are also many Garmin models that combine excellent riding performance statistics

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What is the best Garmin cycling watch of 2021?

But what is a good bicycle watch? Most of Garmin's cycling-enabled watches have excellent features in terms of speed and cadence, and have precise GPS accuracy to provide excellent navigation support. With this in mind, what is the best Garmin cycling watch?

Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar is one of Garmin’s best watches, which can be used to track bicycles, multi-sport activities and professional wrist-based heart rate tracking. The GPS navigation support of this watch is also very helpful for cyclists who like to ride bicycles in open terrain or in the wilderness.

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Which Garmin cycling watch should you buy?

This guide provides you with a detailed survey of the 9 best Garmin bicycle watches. The functions and accessibility and comfort of each watch are different, so it will also include a comment on the fitness level that each watch is more suitable for


Continue reading to learn more about the best Garmin two-wheel tilt watches, and which model is the best overall

Quick overview: Garmin's first choice for GPS watches for cycling
Picture Product
Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar
  • Solar Multi-Function GPS Watch
  • Garmin Boosts Wrist Heart Rate
  • GPS / GLONASS, Gyroscope, Altimeter and Compass
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Garmin Forerunner 745
  • ]Preloaded activity data
  • According to your current training load and maximum VO2 receiving device daily exercise recommendations for running and cycling
  • Through synchronized structured indoor or Outdoor exercise

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Garmin Forerunner 945
  • Performance Monitoring Function
  • Full Color
  • Security and Tracking Function
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Garmin Venu Sq
  • ]Small and compact
  • More than 20 pre-installed sports apps
  • Smart notifications are immediately delivered to your wrist
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Garmin 645 Music
  • ]Up to 500 songs
  • Synchronize music from selected streaming services
  • Provide advanced running dynamics
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Garmin Vivoactive 4
  • ]Track your energy level
  • Easily download songs to your watch
  • Pre-installed with 20 GPS and indoor sports applications
Garmin Instinct Solar
  • ] Built-in 3-axis compass
  • All-day health monitoring and Pulse Ox
  • Body battery energy monitoring
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Garmin Vivoactive 3
  • Thousands of free surfaces, apps and widgets
  • More than 15 pre-loaded GPS and indoor sports apps
  • Max VO2
Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus
  • High-quality multi-sport GPS smart watch
  • Suitable for adventure
  • Easily store and play up to 500 songs on the watch
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Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, Venu and Vivoactive

Don’t be too enthusiastic, I can honestly say that Garmin is the most important achievement when it comes to smart watches designed for cyclists. I am a passionate runner, but I also like high-speed cycling and mountain biking on rough terrain. The following Garmin smart watches are designed to attract cyclists of all fitness levels

Each watch can accurately track the number of miles and distance traveled, detailed performance indicators for various fitness and health categories (including sleep), and useful functions provided through Garmin Connect apps such as Garmin Pay, and Enhanced performance tracking function.


Since each watch is different in terms of battery power and GPS functions, the process of choosing the watch that suits you depends on what kind of activities you mainly do with your watch in addition to cycling. However, if you primarily just ride a bicycle, each model can provide top-notch performance tracking. In addition, some of these models can also track various other activities, such as running and swimming. Let's take a closer look at each watch

 Garmin Forerunner 745" width =" 600" height =" 600" /> </p>
<h3><span id= The best watch for beginner bicycles: Garmin Forerunner 745

Garmin Forerunner 745 is a great way to start the Garmin bicycle list. The first outstanding feature of this model is the special "Cycle Power" setting, which allows you to connect to the compatible Garmin power meter which is sold separately to achieve More efficient riding with bicycle dynamics, FTP and advanced training methods.

When you are cycling, Forerunner 745 will analyze your pace and estimate your heart rate and heart rate variability to evaluate your current performance ability in real time. It also includes a convenient game prediction program, which is a special tool that can consider your physical fitness level and training history to help you move towards the game goal and view the impact of training on the predicted completion time

After each ride, the recovery time tool will let you know when you are ready for another intense cycling exercise. It even takes into account training intensity and factors such as estimated stress, daily activities and sleep

Forerunner 745 is a powerful and efficient Garmin bicycle watch


  • Preset cycling profiles for running, triathlon, multi-sports, swimming pool swimming, track and field running and other activities at any time as needed to improve your cycling program
  • According to your current training load and maximum VO2 receiving equipment, daily exercise recommendations for running and cycling on the device
  • Sync structured indoor or outdoor workouts to your device by connecting Garmin Connect or other apps (paired with a compatible smartphone) to get training guidance, including TrainingPeaks and TrainerRoad
  • Analyze more data to help you realize your competition potential, including advanced running, cycling and swimming dynamics


  • The optical heart rate monitor may not sync correctly during riding mode
  • The battery life is not as strong as other models

<img loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2733″ src=” 2020/12/garmin-forerunner-945.jpg” alt=” Garmin Forerunner 945 "width=" 600" height=" 600" />

Best performance tracking watch: Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945 is a clear upgrade of the already perfect Forerunner 745. I is passionate about this watch and when analyzing the riding ability of the Forerunner 945, the same passion remained stable. Forerunner 945 can monitor your riding performance and even provide personalized insight, so you can ride smarter instead of more difficult.

The smart watch will track your VO2 max and adjust the value according to heat and altitude. The training status will evaluate your recent cycling history and performance indicators to let you know whether you are doing fruitful training, reaching the top or surpassing the limit. You can even use aerobic and anaerobic training effect feedback from bicycle statistics to see how exercise affects the development of endurance, speed and strength

Recovery time can predict when you are ready for the next difficult journey, thereby helping you make the most of your efforts. You can even view the overall training load, which can measure the amount of exercise in the last 7 days and compare it with the best range that suits your health and recent training history. In addition, the new Forerunner 945 training load focuses on classifying your recent training history into different categories based on activity structure and intensity.

Forerunner 745 is still a great choice for riding, but Forerunner 945 takes it to a new level of performance tracking expertise


  • Performance monitoring functions include Vo2 Max and training status, and can adjust calories, high adaptation status, training load concentration, recovery time, and aerobic and anaerobic training effects.
  • The full-color airborne map will guide your running, so that you will not get lost during the exercise
  • Security and tracking features include event detection (during a specific event), which can send your real-time location to emergency contacts via a paired compatible smartphone.
  • In the smart watch mode, the battery life is up to 2 weeks; in the GPS mode with music, the battery life is up to 10 hours; in the ultra-tracking mode, the battery life is up to 60 hours.


  • Jagged connection issues may require frequent restarts to refresh

<img loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-2761 size-full” src=” 2020/12/garmin-venu-sq.jpg” alt=” Garmin Venu Sq "width="600"height="600" />

Best budget choice: Garmin Venu Sq

Garmin Venu Sq has brought a big impact to such a small watch. This can be beneficial for cyclists who don’t want to have larger, bulkier watches that feel like they’re overwhelming. In addition to the attractive price, Venu Sq's main attributes also include health statistics and tracking information in the watch.

When you want to relax or concentrate after a hard ride, you can start breathing. This watch will track your stress and breathing to help you better understand your breathing pattern. You can also record your daily fluid intake to remind you to stay hydrated. You can even set an automatic hydration goal, which is adjusted based on the amount of sweat lost while riding.

The pulse oximetry sensor can estimate your blood oxygen, which is very convenient during cycling (especially in competitions). In addition, when you feel stressed, timely relaxation reminders will even prompt you to engage in shortness of breath activities. This model may not have innovative performance, but if you want to use health monitoring, Venu Sq will come in handy .


  • Small and compact
  • Find new ways to stay active and keep more than 20 pre-installed sports apps, including walking, running, cycling, paying attention to breathing, swimming, golfing, etc.
  • Use pre-installed exercises including cardio, yoga, strength and even Pilates to create your own exercises in the Garmin Connect app (you need to use the app on a compatible smartphone)
  • Never miss phone calls, text messages or social media alerts, these alerts, smart notifications will be sent directly to your wrist (when paired with a compatible smartphone)


  • Prone to malfunction and jagged GPS reception
  • may be too small for some cyclists

<img loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2659″ src=” 2020/11/garmin-fenix-6-pro-solar.jpg” alt=” Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar "width="600"height="600" />

The best overall choice: Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar

In addition to being an excellent bicycle watch, Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar is an excellent watch overall. This version is based on the solar technology seen in Fenix ​​6X and includes a motorized glass lens material that covers the watch display. This improved new panel improves the ability of the lens to absorb ultraviolet light and transfer this energy to the battery pack

Now, you can fully solar charge the battery, thereby limiting the charging time, which is very suitable for long-term riding training. In addition to the stellar battery, Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar also has excellent performance tracking functions .

Pace Pro is a more advanced version of the Garmin coach app, which improves the app’s functions; in addition, this watch also has barometric altimeter technology, which can measure altitude and changes in altitude, thereby affecting your riding experience

The MTB (mountain bike) dynamics of Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar enables you to use mountain bike indicators and specialized grit and flow measurements to track the details of each ride, thereby assessing the difficulty of the trail and the smoothness of the descent. This will provide you with a score and win again next time. You can also view advanced training indicators, including operating dynamics, recovery consultants, etc. You can even estimate the maximum value of VO2 adjusted by heat and altitude

This alone is the MTB function that makes this watch stand out in riding


  • A solar multi-function GPS watch with a large 1.4-inch display, which uses the energy of the sun to extend battery life and ensure that your off-grid activities have a longer wrist time
  • Equipped with a durable and precise watch with a 1.3-inch display and a titanium alloy, stainless steel or DLC coated bezel
  • Now, with the upgraded activity profile, you can track more information, such as special grit and flow measurement when mountain biking
  • Get improved performance data to help you endure difficult challenges, including an acceleration 2.0 widget to analyze other data and see how your body can withstand the current altitude
  • Use pre-loaded TOPO maps, ski maps of 2,000 ski resorts worldwide, support for multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) and built-in sensors for 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter, Navigating outdoors


  • Expensive
  • Solar energy technology completely requires a lot of outdoor activities

<img loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2729″ src=” 2020/12/garmin-forerunner-645-Music.jpg” alt=” Garmin Forerunner 645 Music "width="600"height="600" />

Best for music: Garmin 645 music

If there is no watch that can store music, then any activity of cycling can't really be completed, and this watch is about music. Forerunner 645 music has additional convenience, you can randomly play up to 500 audio files. The days when you no longer need to use a separate device to listen to all your favorite fitness songs are gone, you can listen easily while riding this model


If you need some intensive training during cycling, Garmin Forerunner 645 music is also useful. The Garmin coaching function can provide dynamic suggestions of status, effects and insights for your cycling history, as well as its correspondence with any new goals you wish to achieve, as well as insights into future suggestions, which can then be broken down into different Categories to ensure that your health allocates the appropriate time for each cycling exercise.

The battery life of Forerunner 645 Music is also impressive. When running the watch in GPS mode, the battery life is up to 24 hours; while running the watch in the regular smart watch mode, the battery life is up to one week.

Forerunner 645 Music has most of the features of the other models I mentioned, with the added benefit of improved music accessibility. However, this model is also applicable to many other types of activities. Forerunner 645 music allows you to make changes easily, thanks to the built-in activity profiles for running (indoor/outdoor), cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming, elliptical exercises, paddling exercises and strength training.

If you can't choose between other models at all, then this watch will undoubtedly be a good choice.


  • Easily download up to 500 songs to your watch, and connect a Bluetooth headset for hands-free phone listening
  • Sync music from selected streaming services for offline listening
  • Provides advanced operating dynamics, including ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio, etc.
  • Use estimated wrist-based heart rate data to provide performance monitoring features, including assessment of your current training status


  • The wristband is uncomfortable
  • Quickly drain the battery power

<img loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2728″ src=” 2020/12/garmin-vivoactive-4.jpg” alt=” Garmin Vivoactive 4 "width="600"height="600" />

The best multifunctional sports watch: Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin Vivoactive 4 is another stellar Garmin watch with a smaller size range. When riding a bicycle, you can now use a convenient cycling power meter to record and display performance indicators and health indicators while riding. However, if you wish to change your fitness plan occasionally, Vivoactive 4 can provide more features

If you want a swimming mode, the model now has a fully integrated swimming mode performance table, which can record your underwater sports and propose ways to improve to achieve your goals.

The outstanding feature is the Garmin Move IQ performance tracker. This function can automatically detect the type of fitness program you are performing. Based on this detection, even if you do not plan to record the activity, you can view the saved events in the Garmin Connect timeline so that you can understand the achieved indicators.

Vivoactive 4 improves on the previous excluded products in this popular Garmin series (such as the Vivosmart series), so with this in mind, Vivoactive 4 is for cyclists or any type of fitness option Both are a good investment.


  • Track your energy level
  • Easily download songs to your watch, including playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer (premium subscription with third-party music providers may be required), and connect headphones for free phone listening
  • Use more than 20 pre-loaded GPS and indoor sports applications to record all movement methods, including cycling, yoga, running, swimming and other activity tracking
  • Perform simple and vivid exercises directly on the watch screen, including strength, aerobics, yoga and Pilates
  • In smart watch mode, the battery life is up to 7; in GPS and music mode, up to 5 hours


  • Not a durable design
  • There are not many features of bicycles

<img loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2657″ src=” 2020/11/garmin-instinct-solar.jpg” alt=” Garmin Instinct Solar "width="600"height="600" />

The best outdoor bicycle watch: Garmin Instinct Solar

If you like mountain biking or cycling for hours throughout the area, then Garmin Instinct Solar has proven to be the ideal choice for any outdoor activity. This rugged GPS smartwatch has solar charging and provides unparalleled battery life outdoors. In addition, you can monitor the way your body consumes energy by tracking your heart rate, pressure, estimated sleep time, and pulse oxygen, which helps you better understand your health status


With pre-loaded activity profiles, such as running, cycling, swimming, etc., you can make the most of your favorite sports. In addition, Garmin Instinct Solar is made for the United States. Military standard 810 for heat, impact and water resistance (rated 100 meters). See how various settings and sensors affect the battery life of the watch so that you can change the extended battery time on the fly. This watch is very suitable for hiking and mountain biking. Garmin designed the Instinct Solar to attract outdoor enthusiasts, which means that the watch has gone far beyond basic cycling and can provide a more advanced tactical experience.

Finally, this model stood out because of its comprehensive training program. Instinct Solar is one of the watches that includes a convenient coaching program, which can help you achieve your goals in those days when cycling or any fitness exercise seems trivial.


  • Built-in 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter and multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) to track in a more challenging environment than GPS alone
  • Track running, cycling, swimming, strength and other activities
  • Through all-day health monitoring and Pulse Ox to help better understand your health status
  • Through the "body battery" energy monitoring function, monitor the energy usage of the body by tracking heart rate, stress and sleep estimation

Disadvantages :

  • If there is not enough time to capture ultraviolet light, solar cells may lag behind
  • In too many cases, multiple buttons need to be pressed to navigate correctly.

<img loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-2730 size-full” src=” 2020/12/garmin-vivoactive-3.jpg” alt=” Garmin Vivoactive 3 "width="600"height="600" />

The most convenient watch: Garmin Vivoactive 3

Like Garmin Vivoactive 4, Vivoactive 3 is a smaller watch with many useful functions. With the help of wrist-based heart rate boosting technology, vívoactive3 allows you to monitor key aspects of your cycling routine and display any stress statistics to show how your body reacts in various situations

For example, it can estimate your maximum oxygen uptake and fitness age, which are two indicators of physical health, which can usually be improved over time by regular exercise


It also tracks your heart rate variability (HRV), which is used to calculate and track your stress level. Vivoactive 3 can let you know when your physical or emotional sources cause your stress level to rise, so you can find ways to reduce stress

When riding a bicycle, you can take it outdoors regardless of the weather. Garmin Chroma Display is not only safe for swimming and showering, but also easy to read even in direct sunlight, and is installed under the ultra-durable Corning Gorilla Glass

It also has a side sliding interface for fast scrolling and quick navigation of menus and widgets while riding a bicycle. Whether you are rolling with your thumb or index finger, you can choose how to wear it. Vivoactive 3 is comfortable, convenient and easy to see. It is perfect for keeping your riding schedule fresh and full of energy when you are riding hard.

Other features allow you to create your own custom running, cycling, aerobics or strength exercises and download them to the watch. Then, your Vivoactive smartwatch will track exercise, reps, settings and rest time for you. When you narrow the scope of your decision, this watch is another difficult decision.


  • Personalize your watch with thousands of free watch faces, apps and widgets in our Connect IQ store
  • More than 15 pre-installed GPS and indoor sports applications, including yoga, running, swimming, etc.
  • Use VO2 max and fitness estimates to monitor your fitness level and pay close attention to how to deal with stress.
  • After pairing with a compatible smartphone, you can get connection functions, such as smart notifications, automatic upload to Garmin Connect, Live Track, etc.
  • The battery life is up to 7 days in smart watch mode; 13 hours in GPS mode.


  • It is difficult to set the GPS settings correctly

The best GPS bicycle watch: Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus

Just like Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar, Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus is an excellent cycling watch. For athletes and outdoor explorers, the Fenix ​​5 Plus watch is a high-performance way to overcome your worries about yesterday’s bicycle and bring maps and music with you. This rugged premium watch has routable color mapping, estimated wrist-based heart rate, and convenient music storage, which can store up to 500 songs


Whether you are in the city or on a bicycle path, Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus provides built-in map and navigation functions to help you always stay in the right direction. The full-color TOPO map is pre-loaded with map data optimized for overview navigation and location tracking. This watch also features Trendline popular routes, which use billions of miles of Garmin Connect data to help you find and follow the best cycling routes and routes.

When you break the limit, you need a decisive link to help diversify your cycling. Fenix ​​5 Plus provides a complete training function to monitor your status and performance. Use physiological indicators, cycling dynamics, etc. to track your exercise statistics, measure progress and fine-tune your exercise status. The training status will automatically evaluate your recent cycling history and performance indicators to inform you whether you are overtraining, maintaining, or reaching a peak.

You can also view your overall training load, which can measure the amount of exercise in the last 7 days and compare it with your health status and the best range of your recent training history.


  • A high-quality multi-sport GPS smart watch that estimates the heart rate of the wrist and includes a colorful TOPO map with trend lines and popular routes to help you find and follow the best path
  • Rugged and durable design suitable for adventure, it features stainless steel or diamond-like carbon (DLC) titanium bezel, buttons and back cover
  • Easily store and play up to 500 songs on the watch, and connect a Bluetooth headset for hands-free phone listening
  • Garmin Pay contactless payment solution (available for supported cards from participating banks) lets you make convenient payments with your watch
  • Built-in navigation sensors include three-axis compass, gyroscope, and barometric altimeter as well as multiple satellite system (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) network capabilities to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone
  • Battery performance lasts up to 10 days in smartwatch mode and 8 hours in GPS mode with music


  • The watch power cycles frequently
  • The heart rate monitor can be glitchy at times

Buyers Guide

Keep these key details in mind when shopping for a Garmin cycling watch:

  • Fitness level. Garmin tailors its watches for beginners, intermediate level, and advanced levels of cycling and multisport activities. For example, you will not need a tactical series watch if you are just starting a daily cycling routine and vice versa. Be sure to check what fitness level the watch is designed for. There is no need for paying for features you won't need for a while.
  • Comfort. You may not normally think of a watch as an uncomfortable accessory, yet this can and does change when you are doing intense exercise like cycling. Most Garmin watches are designed with silicone bands so as not to cause skin discomfort during perspiration, yet there are some models that use leather or even metal. Be sure to get the right watch that suits your level of comfort.
  • Features. It is true that almost any Garmin watch you decide on will have a basic level of performance and GPS tracking features. GPS protocols like GLONASS and Galileo can be incredibly useful when cycling outdoors and especially if cycling in the wilderness. Heart rate monitors are industry standards for fitness-oriented smartwatches. Make sure you check the specs of each watch to ensure it has what you want.
  • Price. Garmin smartwatches are some of the best in the industry for fitness tracking. The price points can also vary widely across all the different series and models. Beginner’s watches will typically be on the lower end of expense, whereas more advanced and feature-packed models can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. Know what fitness level you are at and make the best decision based upon what you need the watch for.
  • Check for a bike setting. You can use this guide to help ensure you are getting a Garmin watch for cycling. But just to be sure, always make sure it has a bike setting in the activity profiles before purchasing.

Which Garmin Cycling Watch Is Best?

This is a hard choice to make since both the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music and the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar have super fast response times when you are cycling. I found that the Fenix 6 Pro Solar represents one of the most seamless and efficient pairing systems between the sensors on my mountain bike and the watch via Bluetooth.

With that said, I also really enjoy the Forerunner 645 Music. This was the first Garmin watch I purchased based solely on the inclusion of music storage. The Fenix 6 Pro Solar is a bit more of an advanced watch, and just really pairs well with practically any activity–but I do have a soft spot for the Forerunner 645 Music.

At the end of the day, the Fenix 6 Pro Solar finds a nice balance between a cross-section of all the features with each of these models. It falls at the higher end of the price spectrum once the overall costs of all 9 models are aggregated, which is worth the cost due to the watch’s durability and overall performance.

The performance tracking features find a perfect balance between beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels. The battery performance is superb and more than enough no matter what GPS mode or length of cycling session you undertake.

But you could easily flip a coin between the Fenix 6 Pro Solar or the Forerunner 645 Music; I admire both watches equally.


How do I set my Garmin Watch for cycling?

For beginner and intermediate Garmin models, you will likely need to hit the ‘run’ button on the side to open up the settings tab. Scroll down until you reach the primary settings tab and then scroll down until you reach ‘activity profiles.’ You can then select the feature for biking or cycling to enable this mode for the Garmin watch.

What is the most accurate Garmin running watch?

<img width=”150″ height=”150″ src=”×150.jpg” class=”alignright” alt=”Garmin Forerunner 945 Cycling” loading=”lazy” />

The Garmin Forerunner series is one of the best in the Garmin line and the Garmin Forerunner 945 consistently wins high marks in terms of GPS accuracy, innovative performance tracking metrics, and seamless notifications across the Garmin Connect App.

How do I use my Garmin watch for running?

To use your Garmin watch for runningthe process is mostly universal across all Garmin running models. Go into the settings tab and open the Apps setting. Then, choose which app you want to add your running session to and select the ‘add new’ feature to calibrate your time and customizable settings.

What is the best Garmin watch for running and cycling?

Any Garmin running watch is certain to please runners and cyclists but the best models usually have premium music features available. The Garmin Forerunner 245 Music and the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music have advanced performance tracking features and superior music capabilities, including music storage.

How many years does a Garmin watch last?

A Garmin smartwatch can typically last for upwards of 5 years if well the watch is properly maintained. The battery life of each model varies but you can typically get several hours of battery in GPS mode and upwards of a week on one charge outside of GPS mode.

Is the Garmin Venu good for cycling?

<img width=”150″ height=”150″ src=”×150.jpg” class=”alignright” alt=”Garmin venu Sq” loading=”lazy” />

The Garmin Venu is a watch in the Garmin line that prioritizes simplicity over advanced features. The Garmin Venu is capable of basic performance tracking and GPS features, and its comfort is one of the standout features for many cyclists.

Final Thoughts

This guide has explored some of the best Garmin watches for cyclists. Each of these 9 smartwatches is loaded with innovative features that track health statistics, performance metrics, and many additional features with the Garmin Connect App. The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar is the standout watch of this guide for its powerful battery and set of advanced performance features and the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is ideal for cycling alone.

With that said, any of these watches will make your cycling sessions more informative and enjoyable.


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