Best Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Full Review 2021

Today I want to talk about tangle teezer wet detangler because lots of people talk about it. Yeah its look like a great product. So I’m going to kind of review this wet detangler. I’m gonna start off with the original brush, it’s like the first thing I noticed when I open the parcel the colors of the new range are gorgeous so right it is the first that was made in the Tangle Teezer range. And the design of this is kind of what separated tangle teezer wet detangler from other brushes that were out there so the design of this tangle teezer is so that it pretty much fits right in your palm just fully fit.

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Its a different way of brushing hair post or holding a handle I know that some people don’t like that it’s a personal preference. I will talk about other options later it’s really freaking light as you can see it is made of a plastic. I know some people are a fan of boar bristles. I have also done a review on the Mason Pearson brush which is a boar bristle brush.

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tangle teezer wet detangler review

All that much a good quality plastic brush is great for detangling and it’s also a lot more hygienic but the biggest thing with the tangle teezer is the bristles so there are two types of bristles when you look at this brush there is a short bristle and there is also a long bristle the longer bristle is designed to detangle so it’s designed to really get into your hair find the knots and kind of gently push them down and to detangle while this short teeth are kind of used more smoothening down cuticle layers now back to kind of the plastic.

Oh as I was saying it is very gentle on the hair because it is quite a soft plastic there are lots and lots of fake tangle teasers out there different brands have kind of brought out their own line fake ones have really quite high plastic bristles. I do find they do pull quite a lot and that is how you can get breakage this one you can use on wet or dry hair and they do retail in Australia for about 21.95 my second brush that I will be talking about today is the compact styler which looks like this and it is easily my favorite color in the entire range.

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I don’t think I have ever had a brush that looks this pretty so the compact style. The bristles in this is very very similar to the original so it’s got the long and the short ones same kind of softness the only difference is that this is a slightly kind of smaller compact styler. It does come with a little lid so you can pop that on like that and you can pop it straight in your handbag having a brush kind of on the go is hella important it’s light it doesn’t take a much room.  I think having that lid is so hygienic there is nothing like worse than digging through your handbag and there’s just like your hair everywhere a favorite little tip using the compact styler is that this is actually perfect for creating back combing or teasing in your hair if you’re someone who likes having a bit of volume at kind of the crown or the base or if you’re creating like an up style or if you just a gal that loves a bit of volume. These retail in Australia for 29.95.

So the next product I’m about to talk about is their new one and that is the wet detangling hair brush it has a handle. So as I was talking about before with the original and the compact they designed that to kind of fit in your palm. Somebody will just don’t like that and that’s okay so they brought out the one with the handle this is designed to kind of used more in the shower you don’t have to you can still use it on dry hair using it in the shower is kind of its main focus an incredibly light hair brush it feels like nothing at all.

tangle teezer wet detangler review

Tangle Teezer wet detangler Material

It’s made of the same plastic the bristles are a little bit different the bristles are longer so while your hair is fragile when it’s in the shower this one here is designed to be gentle and not kind of pull and lose your hairs elasticity but with having the bristles. So long it is also better for people with thick or curly hair when they do actually recommend to use it with your shampoo and with your conditioner when you are shampooing your hair doing your thing in the shower grab this one and actually pop it on your roots and bring it down to your ends.

That way your shampooing kind of the mid-lengths without really getting in there too intensely and then when you have either a conditioner or a treatment on your middlings and ends grab this and brush your hair with it it’s gonna do a couple of things. It’s actually going to distribute your treatment and your conditioner a lot more through your hair which pretty much means you’re gonna need to use less conditioner, because you’ve got this which is going to get it to reach more of your hair than using your fingers brilliant idea.

Because I know a lot of people use way more conditioner than they need to the second idea of brushing your conditioner through is that when you get out of the shower he has already detangled, it’s logic it’s magic it’s one of life’s little mysteries that we’ve sold in a single strength of a hairbrush.

so definitely do that your life will change you will not have to wrestle your hair and actually that’s something I wanted to comment about as well when you’re using a tangle teezer the bristles feel so nice on your scalp if you’re one of those people that like a brush, because it really like does that like scalp massage tangle teezer has that too even though the bristles are soft they’re still strong enough that they feel really good on your head.

So these ones retail at 21.95 they are one of the cheaper ones in their range and they do have the handles, so if you like that feature that is kind of the brush for you the last brush. I will be talking about is I think probably the most versatile in the range and the one that I think most people would use because it does everything and that is the ultimate brush so they have sent me a black one it comes in pink as well. I really do think it’s awesome looking at it it does have a smaller handle than the tangle teezer wet detangler, but it is still has that option for people but it also has the option.

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If you want to hold it like you would with your original or your compact styler you can do that too let’s talk about the bristles though so with the bristles they are much longer they are the longest ones in the range great fifty care great for curly hair. But still awesome for fine and medium textured hair too they still have the double bristle so the long bristle is to detangle the shorter bristle is going to smooth down the cuticle making it shinier and smoother for you but the teeth are almost I want to say reinforced they have a slightly stronger feel to it really good if you were to have that hair that is goes so naughty and just you can’t even get the bristle into the knot.

tangle teezer wet detangler review

These bristles will are not any type of hair and you can still back home with this as well so again if you’re doing up styling or you want to get a bit of volume you could still use this as well if you notice the surface area of this one it is much larger you’re going to be able to get through a lot more hair a lot more quickly really really fantastic if you have any extensions or waves and this one also just generally has a more sturdy or feel about it it retails for 29.95 and that is all the brushes that I have for you today.

I hoped today’s review helped you if you have any questions about the tangle teezer wet detangler let me know in the comments below and I will try and get back to you with any answers or any tips that I can if you aren’t following me on Instagram you can also give this video a like if it helped you if you haven’t subscribed go subscribe and I will see you next week for another video thanks so much for watching guys I’ll see you then bye .