Review of Garmin Approach S42 Golf Smart Watch Series


A big thing about Garmin Approach GPS Golf Watch Series is that each new model is designed to help golfers improve their game. Garmin Approach S42 is one of the latest models in the product line, it provides a set of excellent new and enhanced updates to the previous tracking function, these updates will continue to appear. The new method S42 is very similar to method S40, but this guide will detail many of the newly added features

Garmin Approach S42 Has an enhanced new display and a set of performance tracking functions, such as an improved new green view function,

Provide manual pin positioning and quick reference to the front, middle and back distances of the green for dynamic and accurate post-match analysis.

The Garmin Approach series is dedicated to making it easier and more convenient for golfers, because they want accurate information about all aspects of gameplay. After the latest testing of method S42, all details and key functions of the new model were reviewed for convenience. This article will analyze the new features and let you know what improvements have been made on the basis of past models.

 Garmin Approach S42 GPS Golf Smart Watch


  • Contains 42,000 road maps from all over the world
  • The green view allows manual positioning of the pins; quick reference to the front, center, and back of the green and the total distance between hazards and dog legs
  • AutoShot circular analyzer measures and automatically records the detected distance of the ball, and with the optional to enter the CT10 club tracking sensor has more automatic game tracking functions
  • 15 hours of battery life in GPS mode
  • Large 1.2-inch sunlight-readable color touch screen display


The main function of method S42

When it comes to key functions, convenience and optimization of the golf course, it has excellent diversity and innovation, which is what makes this watch stand out. The "green view" function of the new method S42 has been greatly improved on the basis of S40. No matter where you are on the court, it can provide you with the true shape of each green and allows you to drag and drop the pushpin To higher accuracy.

Your watch is pre-installed with views of more than 42,000 golf courses around the world. When paired with Garmin Golf on a compatible smartphone, you can download updates for the courses you play most often. Gone are the days of having to filter multiple activity tracking functions to accurately synchronize to a specific course.

The overall statistics have also been improved, especially when used in the large number display mode. When paired with your smartphone and using the Garmin Golf app, Approach S42 can display analysis of acquired strokes, insights into leaderboards and participation in tournaments, and more comprehensive insights and data about your games.

In addition, the automatic hitting analyzer can automatically detect the hitting distance, which is further enhanced compared with the green view function.

When the model is truly proven, when you download and synchronize with the Garmin Golf app to compete on the leaderboard from the available 42,000 courses, the Garmin Approach S42 will really work. You can use real-time scoring, automatic scorecard upload, and match with your friends, and you can view all statistics in real time during the match and after the round.

In addition, with enhanced activity tracking features (including moving rods and vibration alerts), the advanced S42 GPS golf watch encourages you to stay healthy by tracking various fitness features on the track. You will collect all statistics for viewing and analysis through Garmin Connect.

Everything on this watch is easy to read. Compared with the previous models in the Garmin Golf watch series, this is a much-needed improvement and a new method.

 Garmin Approach S42 GPS Golf Smart Watch

Why buy Garmin Approach S42

Garmin Approach S42 is a high-resolution, enhanced, and overall outstanding new Garmin golf watch, which can accurately display the hitting distance, analysis results and convenient touch screen display in the golf GPS watch.

This golf watch is not only cosmetically modified in the Approach series, Garmin Approach S42 also allows you to quickly refer to the distance to the front, middle and back of the green in order to obtain all the data you need. The perfect shot.

All the old conveniences in the approach route are still there, and after pairing with a compatible smartphone, you can still receive emails, texts and alerts immediately on your watch. You can also take advantage of the built-in sports app and estimated activity tracking features, including a mobile bar available when paired with a compatible smartphone, vibration alerts, calories, step count, and even sleep tracking.

With more sensors to improve detection accuracy, the enhanced AutoShot game tracking function can automatically detect and record distance along the fairway for post-match analysis on Garmin Connect


The internal rechargeable battery can provide up to 10 days in smart watch mode and up to 15 hours in GPS mode. This new model will really work when you pair it with the company's golf app for stroke analysis, participate in leaderboards and tournaments, and gain more insights into the game.

Speaking of GPS, Method S42 is very good in the area. GPS can be used to quickly get your location, so that the precise number of greens, dangerous areas and doglegs can be displayed on the full-color route map. Golf GPS may be picky at best, but Approach S42 focuses on precise distances for every dynamic in the game, and the results have been incredibly improved

Garmin Approach S42 is an all-round solid-state GPS GPS watch with excellent battery life, stellar cue tracking function, and sun-readable fonts and interface

 Garmin Approach S42 GPS Golf Smart Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Garmin Method S42 and Garmin Method S40?

Method S42 has a stronger green display function, which appeared in the previous method S40 model. In addition, it also includes more enhanced activity tracking functions and an enhanced touch screen display


What are the varieties of Garmin Approach S42?

You can choose from Gunmetal ceramic bezel and black silicone strap, rose gold ceramic bezel and tan silicone strap or silver ceramic bezel and white silicone strap.

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Garmin has a full range of GPS watches for you to choose from. Garmin Approach S40 and the simpler but very convenient Garmin Approach S10 .

These two models are worth considering and can go hand in hand with Garmin Approach S42.

Garmin Approach S40 is the previous generation golf GPS watch in the current "Garmin 40s series". Like the Garmin Approach S42, the S40 has a convenient green field of view function and a slightly smaller 1.2-inch display. If there is a problem with the price tag of Garmin Approach S42, the S40 is very similar

If you do not want to use a larger golf GPS watch, then Approach S10 may suit your needs. This model is light and clear, and it is easy to read data due to its ultra-high-resolution screen. The data resolution displays numbers in large and transparent white, which complements the simple interface controls of the watch.

Final thoughts

Garmin Approach S42 is a convenient and innovative GPS golf watch, which improves some of the malfunctions of Approach 40 and provides eye-catching new features. Advanced technology and enhanced image display through the touch screen and easy reading in the sun provide powerful functions for users to facilitate in the course, as well as useful performance tracking functions referenced through the application

The new feature set alone is definitely a device worth considering. The battery can be used for a long time, and all the smart notifications of the previous model are still intact


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