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There are always two camps for golfers using smart technology: watches or handheld devices. Both types of devices can provide multiple hours of service in GPS mode, and can provide green view function readings from the front, middle, and back of the course.

Method G12 (view on Amazon) also offers up to 42,000 courses from all over the world, it will come in handy if you travel frequently. Since this model has a lot in common with previous G10 methods, this article will study the new features and differences.

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<p> <strong> </strong> <a rel= Garmin Approach G12 (view on Amazon) is a fully functional GPS golf device with a snap-on design. And the weight is very light, and has a pre-installed course, precise distance, danger and many other functions in the Garmin golf equipment. It is designed to be clipped on a belt or bag, or wherever you want.

For convenience, all the details and key features of the new model have been reviewed. This article will analyze the new features and let you know what improvements have been made on the basis of past models.

Advantages of Garmin Approach G12:

  • Compact pocket size design: easy to use and edit anywhere
  • High resolution, 1.3-inch, sunlight-readable display with a graphical user interface
  • Precise distance to the front, back and middle of the green, danger, layup and dog legs
  • Green View (green view) shows the green layout from the approach angle to the manual pin position to Precisely indicate the distance to the flagpole
  • ]Digital scorecard, you can easily score in your game
  • Statistics tracking measurable distance to the ball and the number of fairways/screenshots or putters
  • and Garmin Connect
  • Online upload and share statistics of 42,000 pre-loaded international courses, with free lifetime updates
  • 30 hours of battery life in GPS mode
  • Strong, lightweight and waterproof (50m)
  • Ready for competition

Garmin Approach G12 disadvantages:

  • Apart from entering G10, there is not much difference at all.
  • The pocket is a bit long
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Key features of Garmin Approach G12

Garmin Approach G12 is a convenient golf GPS that can be easily clipped on a belt, bag or pocket. This is Garmin's upgrade of the old version of the advanced G10 model. The new upgrade provides some convenient new features that match the upgrades in the advanced S12 watch series. The G12 golf course is pre-installed with more than 42,000 international golf courses, and provides precise distances to the front, back and middle of the green, as well as more information about the danger zone, green view, pin location, etc.

Advanced G12 does not have all the advanced sports functions found in the Garmin Enduro watch, but it is still a useful device to use with you on the fairway. The G12 will display the yardage in front, back and middle of the green on its 1.3-inch high-resolution screen readable in sunlight. It will also provide you with a preview of the green layout and display the green shapes through manual pushpin placement.

The G12 golf course provides golfers with valuable data they need. It has a clip-on design and has a wide range of uses, so no matter where the game is played anywhere in the world, it gives golfers an advantage on the course. There are still many advantages to using a handheld computer. You can measure the distance of a single lens and calculate the yardage of the lens played anywhere on the court, as easy as taking the device out of your pocket.

The digital scorecard will help you track your score throughout the round and provide the distance between the layup and the dog leg so that you can plan the perfect method; enhanced statistics will help you stay in good shape. The Garmin Approach G12 has a compact design; it has a highly sensitive GPS that can provide golfers with information such as yardage, hazard, etc. with a convenient form factor through the built-in clip. It is light and has a waterproof rating of 50 meters

Method G12's battery life in GPS mode provides you with up to 30 hours, so you don't have to worry about charging the device while playing golf throughout the day. If you want to track the distance passed in a round, the approach G12 also has a built-in odometer. After completing a round, you can upload the round to Garmin Connect via USB to view the fairway hit rate, the green in the rules, the distance of the ball and the number of putts.

Track your progress over a period of time by viewing all statistics (including longest shots, average scores and putts). With Approach G12, you can also view the detailed information of each hole and understand the trends and trends of your favorite courses

The new G12 method expands on the convenience provided in the G10 method, and its device is lighter and longer, and provides excellent display resolution even in direct sunlight.

Why buy Garmin Approach G12?

This new Garmin Golf GPS device is stylish, lightweight, easy to read and compatible in the sun, combining cutting-edge design and technology with Garmin’s well-known reliability and ease of use. You can find the best way to navigate to the front, back and middle of the green with precise yardage, as well as the position of danger and dogleg in the hole


The large number mode function increases the font size to make it easier to read the green front, back and middle code numbers. Approach G12 has excellent reliability and ease of use. It is a durable and stylish device that can be easily placed in your pocket. When comparing the many features of the G12 with a stand-alone or laser rangefinder, the price of this method is a budget


If the equipment is not worth the investment compared to the previous Garmin golf equipment, Garmin provides a standard limited warranty for all its equipment, and all Garmin products are within the warranty period due to any defects in materials or workmanship A period of at least one year from the date of purchase.

In summary, approach G12 is not completely different from approach G10, but if you are looking for a hand-held device that is lighter and easier to read in direct sunlight, approach G12 is worth the investment. ]

You may also be interested in method S20

On the golf course, handheld devices are not always convenient, so if you like to play golf, a GPS golf watch may be more convenient. Garmin Approach S20 (check on Amazon) is a good choice if you still want as many displays as possible in the form of a watch

Garmin Approach S20 has all the best features you hope to find in a GPS GPS watch. On the golf course, you will be able to see the precise distance and danger to the front, back and middle of the green. After one round, you can analyze the location and distance of each shot through the Garmin Connect smartphone app.

Method S20 uses the convenient AutoShot loop analyzer function to record this data. After pairing with a mobile phone, you can receive smart notifications about calls, text messages, emails and other alarms via Bluetooth, which is not always compatible with handheld GPS devices.

Final thoughts

Golf GPS handheld devices are sometimes easier to use than the sensitive touch screen features in watches. Garmin Approach G12 uses advanced technology and enhanced image display through the touch screen, easy to read in the sun, to provide users with convenience in the course, and useful performance tracking function (referenced through the application)

This new feature set alone is definitely a device worth considering. The battery life is long, you don’t need to worry about frequent charging, which is the same as the old handset model

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