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Garmin is a company that takes into account all areas of indoor and outdoor fitness. However, running and jogging in high altitude areas, or participating in outdoor fitness activities, all need a smart watch. The watch must have excellent battery function to adapt to higher performance and altitude. The new Garmin Enduro is a smart watch designed to provide all the necessary accessories. But are the new features of Garmin Enduro worth a big investment?

Garmin Enduro is an excellent watch that can charge solar batteries, and its performance tracking function covers almost any outdoor activity in the wild. This model responds to fitness activities in high altitude areas, which is useful for users engaged in outdoor sports

This sports and fitness watch scored high on all important key points for grading fitness watches. This article will discuss all the necessary knowledge of this feature-rich watch, including its advantages and disadvantages and the similar Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro . Keep reading to learn more.

Garmin Enduro review: Forerunner 945 with long battery life and Lovechild of Fenix ​​6


  • Electric glass solar charging lens can collect the energy of the sun, providing you with more electricity and time between two charges.
  • Innovative power manager and power saving mode allow you to turn the sensor on and off to extend battery life. Life in operation
  • Robust, lightweight design with always-available 1.4-inch display and Steel or DLC-coated titanium frame, buttons and back cover
  • Off-road running VO2 max can track your cardiovascular fitness level and adjust it according to the off-road situation
  • With a rest timer The Ultrarun activity allows you to record the time you spend at the rescue station
  • The useful ClimbPro off-road enhancement function can provide you with downhill and downhill information for additional safety and awareness
  • Using the running/walking detection function, you can review the route you have traveled during training courses or competitions (such as steep slopes).


  • The expensive
  • frequency band was designed with comfort in mind, but it may not be well supported.
  • GPS enhancements (such as ClimbPro) are designed to work in rugged terrain Works perfectly, but GPS is still limited.
  • Weak mapping function

Garmin Enduro reviews the main features

Garmin Enduro did live out the title of "top floor", and based on innovation and the addition of a large number of functions, it is easy to see the watch. I will try to introduce the main points of each key function in order to fully summarize the reasons that make this watch stand out.

The first of the key features is a customizable power management mode and a Power Glass solar charging lens that collects sunlight to extend battery life to one year; compared with previous Garmin solar charging watches , Which in itself is a major selling point.

Terrain real-time information

To improve performance, you can now use advanced training functions to prepare for the longest race, including trail running VO2 max, super running rest timer and ClimbPro function, which provides information about current and upcoming climbs Real-time information, ancestry and apartment. For conditioning and health care, this model is equipped with an enhanced recovery timer and exercise recommendations based on your sleep and health data.

The battery life is 80 hours

Now, the enhanced GPS upgrade allows you to use multiple GNSS support as well as barometric altimeter and compass to navigate the most challenging environments. Trail running V02 max estimates the cardiovascular fitness level of trail runners by adjusting them according to the changes in cross-country and terrain conditions that may affect running performance.

In terms of battery, you can now have up to 80 hours of battery life in GPS mode, up to 300 hours in maximum battery mode, and up to 65 days in smartwatch mode with solar charging.

Optical wrist heart rate

In order to use the battery more conveniently, you can now view how various settings and sensors affect the battery life of the watch, so you can make battery expansion changes based on the usage of the watch.

Optical heart rate technology is also an upgrade, you can estimate your activity intensity and heart rate variability to calculate your stress level. It can also track underwater without a heart rate belt.

ClimbPro ascent planner

This model also puts climbing as a top priority. You can use the accurate ClimbPro climb planner to view real-time information about current and upcoming climbs, including slope, distance and altitude increase. The ClimbPro trail enhancement feature also provides you with information on downhill and landing units to increase alertness.

In addition, you can use mountain bike indicators and special gravel and flow measurements to track the details of each ride. These methods will evaluate the difficulty of the trail and the smoothness of the decline, and provide you with a good score next time

Advanced training indicators

One feature that really stands out to me is the metrics and sensors that can prepare you for any environment. Now, you can see how your body can stand in different environments under high temperature and high altitude adaptation. View advanced estimated training indicators, including operating dynamics, VO2 max adjusted for heat and altitude, recovery consultants, etc.

These metrics and readings give you the opportunity to give your body time to recover between training sessions, which is essential for intense outdoor fitness activities (especially in rugged and challenging environments).

After each exercise, there is a built-in recovery consultant that can let you know how long you have to rest before you can make another big effort. You can use the ABC sensor to navigate the next route, including an altimeter for altitude data, a barometer for weather monitoring, and a 3-axis electronic compass.

Garmin Enduro's features are extensive and innovative, which is reflected in the high price tag, which ensures that almost all outdoor terrains have the largest performance differences and dynamic changes.

Why buy Garmin Enduro?

The first warning to pay attention to here is the price tag. Let us be completely honest about this. This watch is very expensive. One of the most expensive fitness watches ever but the features and functions of this watch are incredible.

Every feature I introduced above is worth your purchase, but if you are not a trail runner or spend too much time in the wilderness, then this watch looks outdated. If you only remember one key feature of this watch, battery life and functionality should be the most prominent features. The battery will be used continuously for several days, and when you add solar charging to the lens, you will be surprised how long this watch can be charged.

This watch has some shortcomings, the most important of which is the lack of proper maps. For a watch designed for the wild, it would be a bit behind without a comprehensive high-resolution map, but something must be sacrificed to include so many dynamic features.

There is no music, so many familiar smart functions that were not available in many previous Garmin watches are also quite weak. You may not like Velcro straps, but it does add comfort to the wrist.

All in all, Garmin Enduro is a typical outdoor multifunctional sports watch .

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Garmin Enduro and Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro: Which one should you buy?

If you place Garmin Enduro and Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro side by side, you will start to notice many similarities between the two watches, but the price tag is much cheaper Fenix One of the 6 Pro is the most prominent. Since these two watches are similar, let's take a look at what makes them different from each other and which ones you should consider buying.

Both watches have solar charging function, but Garmin Enduro has a huge improvement over the solar charging lens in Fenix ​​6 Pro. Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro includes a strong glass lens material that can cover the watch display.

This is a new product that was single at the time of release because the panel improves the ability of the lens to absorb ultraviolet light and transfer this energy to the battery pack.

With Garmin Enduro, you can now fully solar charge the battery, which limits the charging time to almost zero, because a single charge can last for several weeks.

Garmin Enduro involves dynamic changes in many functions. Various fitness options, as well as content and method changes that need to be tracked and monitored. But this feature is quite common throughout the Fenix ​​series, and almost of the same kind, and adds the solar technology found in Fenix ​​6 Pro with a reduced capacity.

One of its biggest advantages is the inclusion of an enhanced ultratrac mode, which is very similar to Fenix ​​6 Pro in many respects, but has better GPS functions. This feature has an excellent ability to track many different types of activities, but this is also similar to the Pace Pro feature of Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar.

In the final analysis, Garmin Enduro is the best of the two. The resolution is so clear and innovative, coupled with the solar function of the watch, making it one of the longest and useful watches in the Garmin series

Fenix ​​6 Pro runs very close, but the ClimbPro feature in Garmin Enduro manages to make the ability to achieve more activities in the wild is the reason why Fenix ​​6 Pro can only record altitude changes when it comes to hiking. If you like the ultratrac mode sound of this watch and similar features of Garmin Enduro, then this smart watch is also a good choice

If you decide to match this stellar watch, Fenix ​​6 Pro will not go bankrupt . That being said, if you choose Garmin Enduro, the price will rise substantially because this watch is very expensive.

If you are looking for a smart watch that can easily view performance statistics with enhanced performance features and item graphs, then Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro is undoubtedly a model worth considering, and a good choice-a price-wise watch.

However, if you are looking for a watch that takes outdoor fitness to a new level and provides one of the longest battery power in fitness watches, then Garmin Enduro is an investment Will maintain and provide excellent use in the next few years. If you want a comfortable wrist, the ultra-adaptable nylon strap is also very comfortable and convenient outdoors.

Garmin Enduro Frequently Asked Questions

Is Garmin Enduro GPS accurate?

The GPS accuracy on the Garmin Enduro was recalibrated and improved on earlier Garmin models to synchronize with a series of new performance and health tracking features and increased terrain coverage. Navigation and GPS readers can accurately record positions above 3-10 meters. A strong satellite signal is essential.

Is the Garmin Enduro watch too big?

Garmin Enduro is a fairly large watch. In fact, the lens is larger, but this is essential for incorporating solar technology into the battery. Many users report that this model of watch achieves a good mid-range balance between size, but for regular fitness, the watch may be too large


Will Garmin Enduro play music?

Unlike other Garmin models in the premium series, the function included with Garmin Enduro is not to play music. When using this watch, you need to bring a separate music device.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a smart watch that can easily check performance statistics through enhanced performance features and item graphs, then Garmin Enduro is certainly a model worth considering. This watch has few shortcomings, and its absolute enhancement in terms of battery life and outdoor performance is irresistible

Rather than you like running and jogging or swimming, cycling or triathlon, or even climbing, Garmin Enduro is a stellar watch, a worthy successor to the best features of the Garmin Fenix ​​series, new and improved advanced The addition of solar technology to achieve super battery performance


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