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The Garmin Approach series consistently brings excellent golf performance feedback to the watch. The approach route is constantly evolving to add new features that make golf both novel and convenient based on the inconvenience that may be caused by being outdoors.

Approach S12 is the latest model in the approach production line, with convenient new functions, and an excellent upgrade of the popular approach S10 model . ]

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<p> <strong> </strong> <a rel= Garmin Approach S12 (view on Amazon) Provides an upgrade to the S10 through the use of a large display and a high-resolution S10 . This model is more resistant to direct sunlight on the green through an improved 1.3-inch high-resolution display that can be read in the sun. Approach S12 also has performance characteristics and a 30-hour battery life.

Garmin Advanced Series is committed to making golfing easier and more convenient for golfers who want to provide precise details in all aspects of gameplay. After the latest testing of Method S12, all details and key functions of the new model have been reviewed for convenience. This article will analyze the new features and let you know what improvements are based on the S10 method.

Garmin Approach S12 Pros

  • Round table design with high-resolution daylight-readable high-resolution display
  • More than 42,000 courses from all over the world are pre-installed
  • Greens In the middle of the green, as well as the danger zone and the dogleg zone
  • Keep the score unchanged on the watch, and upload it directly to the Garmin Golf app to participate in the weekly leaderboard
  • Automatically track the score and How far are you hit
  • In GPS mode, the battery life can last up to 30 hours

Garmin Approach S12 Cons

  • Compared with the high-end models in the Garmin Approach series, the performance tracking function is lighter.
  • Unable to read messages
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Key features of Garmin Approach S12

The Garmin Approach S12 is similar to other golf watches in the Garmin Approach series, but with a larger 1.3-inch daylight readable display, the score legibility has been enhanced. In addition to the enhanced display, this watch also does a good job of keeping the score, even in dim daylight, you can easily check the results and performance. Like other models, you can upload directly to the Garmin Golf app on a compatible smartphone to participate in the leaderboard, which is very convenient when comparing your performance with other top competitors.

42,000 global golf courses map

This watch is pre-installed with more than 42,000 CourseView maps around the world. After pairing with the Garmin Golf app, you can wirelessly download updates for the most frequently used courses. In this way, you can quickly refer to the front, middle and back of the green to get all the data needed for a perfect shot. Garmin Method S42 and Garmin Enduro also provide these functions, so the biggest selling point of Method S12 is the large screen display and sunlight Visibility

30 hours battery life

The internal rechargeable battery can provide up to 30 hours of service in GPS mode. The overall statistics have also been improved, especially when used in the large number display mode. When paired with a smartphone and using the Garmin Golf app, Approach S12 can display insights into the obtained stroke analysis, participation in the previously mentioned leaderboards and tournaments, and more comprehensive insights and data about your game.

Autoshot circular analyzer

In addition, the automatic projectile analyzer can automatically detect short distances, which is further enhanced when viewed with the green view function. In addition, with enhanced activity tracking features (including moving bars and vibration alerts), the Approach S12 GPS golf watch encourages you to stay healthy by tracking various fitness features on the track. You will collect all statistics for viewing and analysis through Garmin Connect.

All the contents of this watch are easy to read, and even if the watch is used in a competition, it can provide perfect screen resolution even under the strongest ultraviolet radiation, which is a big attraction.

Why buy Garmin Approach S12?

Frankly speaking, there is not much difference between Garmin Method S12 and Garmin Method S10 . So, it all boils down to the 1.3-inch high resolution and how much you value a watch that can maintain a perfect display in the sun.

Stop looking for a way to protect the watch from sunlight so that you can read the score and record the distance you hit, which is a hassle for any golfer. The new large digital display makes it easier than ever to read your touring analysis, and this new display is one of the easiest to use displays in all GPS golf watches, and it is maneuverable on the golf course. Time's lightweight accessories

The design pattern of Approach S12 is light, clear, and has easy-to-read data. The data resolution displays the numbers in large, transparent white, which complements the simple interface controls of the watch.

There is nothing worse than being unable to read data on a bright golf course, and large font data without sunlight interference is one of the most popular features of S12

If this feature is not important or the convenience is not enough to encourage you to choose to upgrade, then Garmin Approach S10 is a perfect alternative.

Other GPS golf watches you may be interested in:

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then Garmin Approach S10 is worth checking out . The direct outstanding feature of the S10 model is the inclusion of the Autoshot circular analyzer. This circular analyzer will measure and record every distance you reach through statistical tracking, which can be viewed in the Garmin Connect app.

In addition, S10 also provides activity tracking functions, which can measure calories burned, heart rate monitor statistics, distance covered, and overall fitness tracking. Although the S10 does not have a convenient unreadable display, the font display is still large, and it is rectangular instead of circular

Fitness tracking is a good way to measure your exercise during a golf game, but it is difficult to monitor without a monitor to track your physical exercise intensity. In addition, the automatic shot analyzer is very suitable for use as a digital scorecard to measure each round of putting and other important dynamics of the golf game.

But apart from these differences, the main difference is that the S10 has a smaller price tag compared to the newer S12.

Final thoughts

Garmin Approach S12 is a GPS golf watch that is readable and innovative in the sun. Advanced technology and enhanced image display through the touch screen and easy reading in daylight provide users with powerful functions for convenience in the course, as well as useful performance tracking functions referenced by the application.

The new feature set alone is definitely a device worth considering. The battery can be used for a long time, and all the smart notifications of the previous model are still intact. If you are looking for a golf GPS watch that will not strain your eyes, and I have packed many useful performance and fitness tracking functions, then this model is worth your consideration



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